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Housing Assistance

for disabled people and their families

1.Housing Assistance for Disabled in Alabama

According to the CDC there are 1,280,509 adults inĀ Alabama with a disability of some sort.

Fortunately, there are housing assistance grants and programs that can help them.

2. Housing Assistance for Disabled Persons in Florida

Click to find more about housing assistance programs for people with disabilities in the sunshine state.

3. New Jersey Housing Assistance Programs for Disabled People

If you or a loved one is a person with a disability in New Jersey, here are some housing grants you can apply to.

4. California Housing Assistance for Disabled

There are numerous programs around the country that will help ease the burden and assist with paying your bills. There are also several popular charities that help disabled with bills.

6. Pennsylvania Housing Assistance for Disabled

The good news is that there are financial assistance programs for senior disabled, and they can help make it easier to make ends meet each month.

7. Missouri Housing Assistance for Disabled

Our website here explores financial assistance programs for disabled disabled. If you are a disabled veteran, these free grants will help financially.

8. Rent Assistance for Disabled Adults

Perkins Loans for disabledĀ  makes it possible for many people to go to college. By obtaining a low interest loan, you can get the education you want

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), is a federally-funded program that helps people obtain health insurance for their children.