Alabama Rental Assistance



Many people who live in Alabama struggle with being able to pay the bills. This is often due to a job market that doesn’t offer high enough wages. Despite that, it’s essential for people to be able to make ends meet each month. The good news is that you will find Alabama rental assistance programs that will help ensure that your housing needs are being met.


Housing and rent are typically the most expensive bills that people pay each week. This makes the Alabama rental assistance programs even more necessary. The programs will help people who have a low income by providing them with grants to pay their rent. If you are approved for rental assistance, it will be paid directly to the landlord on your behalf. Since it is considered grants and not loans, the funds will never have to be paid back.


Alabama Rental Assistance Programs


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This federal agency provides more rental assistance than any other across the country. They have a mission of helping everyone find affordable housing, as well as avoid foreclosure. If you need rent assistance, you may be able to get it through their voucher program or their Section 8 program. The voucher program allows you to live where you want, and they will help you pay the rent. The place you choose to live in has to meet their safety standards. The Section 8 program is also called public housing. This option gives you a government-owned place to live for free. To qualify for these programs, you have to be a legal citizen or legal non-citizen, and you have to have a low income.


Birmingham Emergency Rental Assistance Program – One of the most populated cities in the state, the Birmingham Emergency Rental Assistance Program provides immediate relief. They provide emergency Alabama rental assistance for those who qualify. The program will help you avoid eviction and bring your rent current. To get rental assistance from this program, you have to be a resident of Birmingham. Additionally, you have to show you have had a financial hardship, and you have to meet the low-income guidelines. The program is not open to those who already receive federal government assistance.


Alabama Housing Finance Authority – This organization provides emergency Alabama rental assistance to those in need. Both landlords and tenants can apply for rental assistance. If approved, the program will pay for past due rent amounts, bring you current, and will pay for three months of your upcoming rent. This is an excellent program to help people get caught up and back on track financially. This program provides rental assistance to all residents of Alabama, no matter what county you live in.


Emergency Rental Assistance Montgomery County (ERAMCo) – This program provides Alabama rental assistance for those who reside in Montgomery County. You will have to show that you have experienced financial hardship to qualify for assistance. The program will pay three months of past due rent, as well as the next three months to help you get ahead. Landlords and tenants can apply for this program. If you are approved, the grant payments will be sent directly to the landlord on your behalf. To qualify, you have to meet the low-income requirements and demonstrate that you are at risk for homelessness. This program will help people who have been financially impacted by the pandemic.


Bridges Ministries – This faith-based agency helps people in various ways, including providing Alabama rental assistance. One of their missions is to help prevent homelessness in Alabama. To begin the application process, you can call their offices to make an appointment where you can drive through to complete the necessary paperwork. Bridge Ministries is located in Birmingham but provides services beyond that city. When you go for your appointment, you will need to take documentation showing your financial hardship income and that you are at risk for homelessness.