Alaska Rental Assistance


Many people need help paying their bills from time to time. This may be caused by a change in jobs, medical conditions, or other life issues that have caused someone not to earn as much as they need. Whether this is a temporary or long-term problem, it’s essential to know that there are options people can turn to for help. Alaska rental assistance programs will help ensure that basic needs are being met during financially difficult periods.


If you receive Alaska rental assistance, it’s good to know that you will never have to pay it back. The grants that are given out by the programs are considered gifts to help people in need in the community. This will give you a chance to get caught up, as well as get back on your feet in the future. The most frequent qualification for being able to get rental assistance is that you have a low income and that you are a legal citizen or legal non-citizen.


Alaska Rental Assistance Programs


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This program is federally funded and has a mission to help people find affordable housing and avoid homelessness. They have offices around the country. They do provide Alaska rental assistance that will help you get caught up on your rent, as well as get ahead. They offer a voucher program, which will let you live where you want and receive rent assistance, and they offer a public housing program, which provides you with a unit to live in that they own. To qualify, you have to meet the low-income requirements. Their programs provide more rental assistance around the country than any others.


Emergency Rental Assistance Program – If you are facing eviction and need immediate rental assistance, you may be able to get help through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The program uses federal funding to help people in Alaska with rental assistance. If you receive rental grants, they will be paid directly to the landlord, and your account will be credited. This program is open to tribes living in Alaska, as well as others.


Alaska Housing Finance Corporation – This group offers information regarding numerous rent assistance options in Alaska. They can help you find a program that will meet your needs and help you pay your rent. You will have to meet the low-income requirements and be a legal Alaska citizen to qualify for help.


Emergency Housing Vouchers – This program will help people who need immediate Alaska rental assistance. The reason you need immediate help can vary, including financial hardship, domestic violence, human trafficking, stalking, families fleeing, sexual assault, and more. This program helps everyone who needs rental assistance, regardless of the reason why it’s needed. They will also help homeless people to obtain housing.


Interior Regional Housing Authority – This program will provide Alaska rental assistance to those who live in the state and need help paying their rent. In addition to their ongoing program, they do also offer an emergency rent assistance program. The program is primarily for those who are over the age of 62. They also require that you meet the low-income requirements set forth by HUD, be an Alaska native or an American Indian, and be a legal citizen. The office is located in Fairbanks, but they provide rent assistance around the state.


Aleutian Housing Authority – This agency provides an emergency rental assistance program for citizens of Alaska. If you qualify for help, they will pay your past due rent, help you become current, and pay for your past unpaid utility bills. The eligibility requirements include having a low income, being negatively impacted by the pandemic, or having your income reduced. Natives get first priority when it comes to who they help, with general citizens of the state receiving help after that. They do also prioritize those who have a low income or who have been unemployed for the last three months.