Arkansas Rental Assistance


There are many people around the country, including in Arkansas, who need help paying their rent. Following the pandemic, many people fell behind with their rental payments. Whether it’s due to a loss of a job, reduction of hours, or an ongoing financially challenging situation, there is help. There are programs that offer Arkansas rental assistance for those who need help getting caught up on their rent.


Arkansas rental assistance programs are open to those who reside in the state and have proof of residency. Most programs require that you meet low-income requirements. If you do receive rental assistance, you can take comfort in the fact that you will never have to pay it back. The grants that are given are considered gifts to help people in the community.


Arkansas Rental Assistance


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This federal agency helps more people with their housing needs around the country than any other. They also provide Arkansas rental assistance for those who qualify. Their programs include public housing, as well as a voucher program. The voucher program will help renters get caught up on what they owe. The program allows people to live where they want, as long as it meets HUD safety standards and get help paying the monthly rent. To qualify, you must meet the low-income requirements and be a legal citizen or a legal non-citizen. HUD has offices around the country, including in Arkansas.


Community Action Partnership – This program, called Fresh Start, provides Arkansas rental assistance throughout the state. If you have received an eviction notice, they can help you get caught up on your rent. You can apply for rental assistance online. You will have to show documentation regarding where you live, identification, income information, etc. This program is for those who have fallen behind on their rent due to financial hardship. The Fresh Start program is funded by the federal and state government. Those who qualify can receive up to 2.5 months’ worth of past-due rental assistance.


Arkansas Department of Human Services – Those who need help paying their rent can apply with this state agency. They offer an emergency rental assistance program that will help those who have experienced financial hardship. They help with paying overdue rent and utilities so that your account is brought current. In addition to paying what is past due, they will also pay a 5% late fee. For utilities, they will help pay past electricity, gas, water, etc. You can also apply for an additional three months of rental assistance to help you get ahead. In total, this Arkansas rental assistance program will pay for up to 15 months of your rent. Landlords who want to help their tenants can also apply for this program.


Hark Community Liaison – This locally run agency helps people with emergency rental assistance across Northwest Arkansas. To qualify, you have to demonstrate a financial need and meet the low-income requirements. The financial need can include having a reduction in income, be receiving unemployment benefits, or are experiencing hardship. They will help those who have fallen behind on their rent or who are at risk for homelessness. If you have received an eviction notice, you may be able to get help paying the rent through this program.


Catholic Charities – This organization offers numerous assistance programs around the country, including providing Arkansas rental assistance. Those who need help paying their rent can contact the organization for help. Additionally, they will provide people with hot meals, free food, shelter, etc. There is a Catholic Charities location in every state because they help people around the country. Locate the one that is closest to you and contact them about starting the process of receiving help with getting caught up on rent. If they cannot help you at that particular location, they should point you in the direction of someone who can provide rental assistance.