Catholic Charities Rent Assistance



Around the country, people feel the pinch as the costs of things continue to climb. While inflation is raising the prices of everyday basic need items, the salaries are not keeping pace. This means that there are more people who need help meeting their basic needs. It’s essential to know about ways to help make ends meet, such as Catholic Charities rent assistance.


If you need rent assistance, there are numerous places you can turn to. One popular place that people turn to for help is Catholic Charities. The nonprofit organization has a solid reputation for helping people with a variety of financial needs, including with rent assistance.


Catholic Charities Rent Assistance


Those who need Catholic Charities rent assistance will need to be low income. They are not typically strict about the requirements in order to receive help. As long as someone has a low income and requires assistance, they will probably be able to get it. The organization helps to address homelessness including by offering shelters and rent assistance.


How to Get Help from Catholic Charities


There are millions of people each year who get help through Catholic Charities. Rent assistance is one option, as are others, to help meet one’s basic needs. The charity has locations around the country. To get help from them, you have to locate the one that is closest to you.


Once you locate the Catholic Charities in your area, you can contact them to inquire about the assistance programs offered in your area. They can also provide information regarding the application process. They offer a map on their site that shows where all the Catholic Charities locations are around the country. This will help you find the one that is in your area.


Catholic Charities rent assistance is available in every state. Even if you don’t have one that is right near your city, you can contact the one in your state. They will be able to help you with the information for how to get rent assistance, as well as how to begin the application process.


Another helpful service that Catholic Charities offers is crisis assistance. When there are crisis situations that have happened, they are ready and available to provide help. The help they provide can be in regard to housing assistance, hot meals, boxes of food, transportation, and more. No matter what type of help you need, if there has been a crisis, they may be able to help.


By the Numbers


Catholic Charities rent assistance helps around the country. The organization will provide people with housing assistance. The charity owns and operates over 35,000 housing units around the country, and they have another 4,400 units under construction. These housing units provide rent assistance to many people in need.


Some of the Catholic Charities’ rent assistance is provided through their housing projects. The housing projects provide places to live for people who are vulnerable. They also work to support affordable housing policies around the country, and they provide temporary and long-term shelter assistance.


The organization has numerous housing projects around the country. One of them is called South Phoenix Village, which is a rent assistance program in Phoenix, Arizona. The project offers 121 homes that are energy efficient and are worth around $220,000 each. Their program helps people who have a low income be able to have such houses. There are similar communities around the country.


Catholic Charities rent assistance program helps people pay their rent, as well as have bigger buying power when it comes to having a low income and being able to purchase a home.




What are Catholic Charities


Catholic Charities has a history that dates back to 1910. It was then that 400 people gathered in America to create a group that would help poor people around the nation. The group wanted to come together to help those who have fallen on hard times or who need things like rent assistance.


Each year, the Catholic Charities rent assistance program helps people around the country. The organization as a whole helped over 15 million people in the country in some way during the year of 2020. While Catholic Charities offers rent assistance, they also provide numerous other programs that help people.


Some of the other ways Catholic Charities helps people with financial challenges include by distributing food, giving money to other charities that help people, and giving out crisis supplies. In 2020, the organization gave out over 20 million pounds of food to those in need.