Colorado Rental Assistance

colorado rental assistance

Below you will find a list of places that offer Colorado rental assistance. These programs are available to those who have a financial need and are legal residents of the state. Most programs require those applying to be legal citizens or legal non-citizens. Contact each program to inquire about receiving rental assistance.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – HUD is a federal agency that provides rental assistance across the country. They have numerous programs to help people with their housing needs, including a voucher program. The voucher program will help pay rent while still allowing people to live where they want. To qualify for HUD rental assistance in Colorado, one has to have a low income and be a legal citizen or a legal non-citizen. In addition to rental assistance, HUD also offers foreclosure avoidance, public housing options, and a weatherization program. There is no limit to how long one can receive rental assistance through HUD. As long as the financial need is there, then they will continue to provide help with paying the rent.


Colorado Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (EMAP) – This program is open to both tenants and landlords who need rental assistance in Colorado. The program will help with paying rent as far back as April 2020. Tenants and landlords can get rent assistance with what is past due current, as well as obtaining rent to help pay the next two months. The maximum amount of rent assistance that someone can receive is 15 months. To qualify for rental assistance, you will have to meet the low salary requirements. The grants that are given to pay for the rent will be delivered directly to the landlord on the tenant’s behalf.


Mercy’s Gate – This nonprofit organization helps people in Colorado with rental assistance. Their program will help with the current month that is due. Prior months need to be paid in full. They will only provide each person with rental assistance once per year. Mercy’s Gate can help with rental assistance by offering a $300 grant. They do not help with rental deposits. To obtain rental assistance, you will have to take your lease agreement or mortgage paperwork to them. In addition to rental assistance, they offer help with food donations and utility payments of up to $750.


Westside Cares – This organization offers Colorado rental assistance in the areas of Colorado Springs and El Paso County. In addition to helping people with rental assistance, they will provide help with paying utility bills, prescription assistance, clothing vouchers, food, and more. Those who live in that area of Colorado who are experiencing financial difficulties may be able to get help with paying their rent, purchasing clothing and prescriptions, as well as paying for their utility bills. This is a helpful rental assistance program for those in the Colorado Springs area who need help.


Greccio Housing – Providing access to over 60 services to help support people in need, this organization can help with rental assistance. Its mission is to help people avoid eviction and avoid homelessness. Their rental assistance program provides limited access to those in need. Those who have an out-of-the-ordinary situation they are facing or a crisis situation may be able to obtain rental assistance. They also provide assistance with purchasing groceries and paying utility bills. In addition to their monetary support, they provide a variety of classes to help people with life skills, gardening, cooking, health, and budgeting.


Catholic Charities – While this is a faith-based organization, you do not have to be religious to receive help from them. They have locations around the country and have numerous programs to help people. The programs they offer include Colorado rent assistance, homeless shelters, hot meals, crisis assistance, rehabilitation facilities, and more. They do not have strict requirements that need to be met in order to receive help. Locate the Catholic Charities closest to you to begin the process of receiving assistance.