Connecticut Rental Assistance



The state of Connecticut offers numerous programs that will provide rental assistance. Those who are experiencing financial difficulty or need help paying their rent may be able to get a grant from one of these programs. Contact them directly to apply for Connecticut rental assistance.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – The federal government has created this agency in order to help people in the country with their housing needs. HUD has numerous programs that will help people with housing issues. They have a mission of helping people avoid homelessness and locate affordable housing. Those who need help finding an affordable house may be interested in their Section 8 program, which provides a free government-owned place to live. Those who need help with paying rent may qualify for their voucher program, which will let you live wherever you want and receive rental assistance. HUD programs are open to those who have a low income.


UniteCT – This program provides ongoing and emergency Connecticut rental assistance. Those who need rental assistance can get up to $15,000 in grants to help with paying past due rent and utility bills. To qualify for rental assistance, you have to meet the low-income requirements and be a legal resident of the state. This program is funded by the federal government and was created following the pandemic to help people who fell behind in paying their rent. The rental assistance program can help people get their rent payments brought up to date and get ahead.


Connecticut Fair Housing Center – This agency in the state of Connecticut can help with rental assistance for those who have a low income. They can provide the help needed to pay back rent, as well as provide legal support. Those who are facing eviction in Connecticut who need legal assistance can contact the Connecticut Fair Housing Center for assistance. They can also offer help with locating emergency shelters and obtaining food supplies. This organization also provides assistance regarding fair housing issues within the state. If you feel you have not been treated fairly, they may be able to help.


Catholic Charities – This organization is faith-based, but you do not have to be religious to get rental assistance from them. The charity helps people in a variety of ways, including offering shelters, crisis and emergency assistance, food help, hot meals, addiction services, and more. They also have a Connecticut rental assistance program in place to help people with emergency rent help. If you are facing eviction and may become homeless, Catholic Charities may be able to help you with rental assistance. They may also be able to provide help with utility bills and other issues that you need help with. Contact the one that is closest to you to begin the process of obtaining rental assistance from their charity.


Salvation Army – This organization has locations around the country. They provide a wide variety of programs to provide assistance for those in need. Some of the programs they offer help with providing people with food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and more. They also offer a Connecticut rental assistance program to help people who need help paying their rent or who have fallen behind and are facing eviction. They will also provide assistance for people who need emergency shelter services. Contact the Salvation Army closest to you to begin the process of receiving rental assistance. Salvation Army also runs thrift stores around the country. If you need help with obtaining clothing, they will provide you with items from their thrift stores. Contact them to obtain information about how you can arrange the service.


Connecticut State Department of Housing – This state-run agency offers a rental assistance program for those who have a low income and are legal residents of the state. The program is also open to some legal non-residents. The program offers a rental assistance subsidy program, where the resident pays 40% of their monthly income on rent and utilities. The agency can also help people with Section 8, which will provide them with a place to live. This Connecticut rental assistance program does not help with security deposits.


Affordable Housing Alliance of Connecticut – This agency does not provide direct rental assistance, but they have access to programs that do. They can help you find programs in the state that will help with rental assistance, including some on a local level. In addition to rental assistance, they will provide help with emergency housing, home purchasing counseling, housing choice vouchers, mortgage assistance, and legal information regarding evictions, foreclosures, and public housing.


United Way of Connecticut – The United Way offers a housing voucher program, which offers rental assistance. This program is open to those who meet the low-income requirements and are legal citizens or legal non-citizens. Additionally, they can provide help with other resources, such as helping with paying utility bills, obtaining food, medical care, and other helpful programs. The voucher program will allow you to live wherever you want, and it will provide you with grants that will provide rental assistance. The grants are paid directly to the landlord on your behalf.