Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

rental assistance for single moms


The country has been through some difficult financial times in the few years. With the pandemic leaving many people without an income or reducing the income they had, it’s left people unable to pay their rent, bills, and in general financial hardship.

We know firsthand how hard it is to be a single parent; most of our staff are made of single mothers.

The daily sruggle is not a joke and when it comes to bills, you might be needing assistance, which is why we wrote this post.

In this post you will find multiple programs that will help you, as a single mother or father, pay your rent.

These rental assistance programs are available for everyone to apply, for free.

We collected a list of housing assistance programs for single mothers / single fathers around the country.

The programs, which are largely federally funded, can help you pay rent, find affordable housing, or even purchase a home.


Some of the financial challenges that single mothers have to face include falling behind on rent, having their income reduced, the cost of goods and services rising, and the loss of childcare. All of these things help make it difficult for any single mother to keep up with the cost of housing needs.


The programs that offer housing assistance for single mothers require that you have a low income or that your income has been negatively impacted. Even if you were unable to work for a few months and it made you fall behind you may be able to get rental assistance to help bring your rent current. Some housing assistance programs will help you get ahead on your rent, too.


Housing Assistance for Single Mothers & Fathers


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – If you owe rent or other housing-related bills you can apply for help to get a grant to pay them. They offer housing assistance for single mothers around the country. All you have to do is find an office closest to you and then apply with that location. The funds are made possible through federal and state government programs, as well as through grants offered by nonprofit organizations. The program accepts applications from renters and landlords. The housing assistance for single mothers will help those who have fallen behind or who are currently experiencing a financial challenge.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This federal agency is the largest source of grants for housing help. They will provide housing assistance for single mothers, help to pay rent, as well as provide public housing options. Their voucher program will allow mothers to live where they want and they will help pay their rent. The public housing program will provide single mothers with a government-owned place to live for free. HUD will also help with additional housing-related bills, including some essential repairs, and weatherization. HUD will also help single mothers avoid eviction if they are home buyers and are facing foreclosure. Contact the HUD office that is in your state to begin the application for rental assistance.


Emergency Assistance for Homeowners and Renters – The government offers emergency housing assistance for single mothers. They will provide help with paying rent or the mortgage. You do have to meet the low-income guidelines to qualify for the program. If approved, the grant is paid directly to the landlord or bank on your behalf. Mothers who have fallen behind on their rent and are facing eviction can apply for emergency assistance through this program.


Dollar Homes Program – The federal government offers a program that will help single mothers purchase a home for just one dollar. They have acquired all the homes through foreclosure. The homes available for purchase for one dollar are all valued at $25,000 or less. The purpose of the program is to help revitalize communities, but it also helps single mothers purchase a house. To qualify, you have to meet the low-income requirements.


Good Neighbor Next Door Program – This federal program provides housing assistance for single mothers who are teachers, firefighters, police officers, or who work in some type of law enforcement. Single mothers who qualify will a 50% discount on the list price to purchase a home. In exchange for the help buying a home, you will have to live in it for at least three years. You do have to choose to purchase a home in a revitalization area to be approved for housing assistance.


Helping Hand Fund – This organization operates in 30 states, helping people with their housing needs. They do provide housing assistance for single mothers. Their HOPE program will help single mothers who are struggling to pay for rent. Even if you qualify for other government assistance programs you may be able to get housing assistance through the Helping Hand Fund. You will need to have a low income and be at least two months behind on your rent to qualify for the grant. If you are approved for the housing assistance it will be paid directly to your landlord on your behalf.


The Bottom Line


Being a single mother or father is definitely tough. You might feel alone at times, need financial or emotional support, and might not be able to find them.

We just wanted to let you know – you are not alone.

There are many organizations that help single parents, and we are willing to do so as well.

If you couldn’t get the help you need via the links provided in this posts, please reach out to us via email and we will see how we can help you.

Depending on the state you are in – there are many other programs available, feel free to browse our website and find the right fit for you.

Last, we ask that you share this post via social media so we can reach more single parents and help out

God bless you and your family.