Idaho Rental Assistance



Idaho has become one of the fastest-growing states in the nation. Many people are moving to the state from surrounding areas, especially California, for the lower cost of living. Those who find that they need help paying their rent may qualify for one of the numerous Idaho rental assistance programs listed below.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This agency is part of the federal government. The mission is to help people with their housing needs, including avoiding homelessness and being able to locate affordable housing. Those who need help paying their rent may be able to get rental assistance through their voucher program or their public housing program. The voucher program allows you to live wherever you want, and they will help pay the rent, and the public housing program provides you with a government-owned unit to live in. In addition to rental assistance, HUD will help people avoid foreclosure, as well as provide weatherization services, which will reduce monthly utility bills. They will also help pay for some essential home repairs.


Idaho Housing and Finance Association – This organization will help people emergency Idaho rental assistance. They will work with tenants and landlords. They can also help with past-due utility bills. To be eligible to receive rental assistance through the Idaho Housing and Finance Association, you have to be a resident of the state, meet the program’s income limits, and be unable to get caught up on your rent on your own. They help people who have experienced financial hardships due to being unemployed, having a reduction in income, incurring a significant expense, etc. The maximum someone can receive rental assistance for is 15 months. You can apply online or over the phone.


Boise City / Ada County Housing Authority – The local government in Ada County offers Idaho rental assistance. They will provide it to those who have received an eviction notice or have fallen behind on paying their rent. They will not help you if you are receiving rental assistance from another source. To qualify, you have to be a resident of the county, show your current lease agreement, meet the income requirements, have a documented loss of income, and be at risk for homelessness. You can apply for rental assistance through this office online.


Jesse Tree – This organization has a mission of helping people with their rental assistance. They aim to prevent homelessness and keep people from being evicted. They will provide emergency Idaho rental assistance, as well as help provide a security deposit if you need one to move into a rental unit. They will also help landlords who have tenants who are struggling to pay their rent. Each month, this organization helps hundreds of people to avoid evictions. You can apply for rental assistance through Jesse Tree online.


Catholic Charities – This non-profit organization helps people around the country. They offer various programs to assist people with food, clothing, and shelter. They do provide a rental assistance program for those who need help avoiding homelessness. They have locations around the country. To begin the process of obtaining rental assistance, contact the location that is closest to you. In addition to Idaho rental assistance, they offer free meals, transportation vouchers, addiction rehabilitation services, crisis assistance, and more. This organization does not typically have strict qualifications for who can receive their help. They aim to help anyone in the community who has experienced financial hardship.


Indigent Services – There is rental assistance in Idaho that is offered through Indigent Services. They will help people financially when there are no other resources available for them to turn to. If you have tried to get rental assistance from other sources and haven’t been successful, then you may be able to get help through Indigent Services. They do require that some people who receive financial assistance pay it back at some point, but not everyone has to pay the funds back. In addition to rental assistance, they will provide help with paying utilities and medical expenses.


Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership – This organization serves the public by providing them with rental assistance, among other programs. They own 323 housing units that people who have a low income are allowed to live in. To qualify for rental assistance by living in one of their housing units, you must meet the low-income requirements. Some of their housing units are for families, while others are for seniors aged 62 and up. By living in one of their units, you will be able to get ongoing rental assistance.


Idaho Legal Aid Services – This legal organization will provide help with rental assistance and legal advice for those who are facing an eviction. If you need help with addressing legal issues due to not paying for your rent, they may be able to help. They can provide information about programs in your area that can help with rental assistance, as well as help you navigate the rental assistance and eviction legal landscape. Contact their agency directly for help with legal advice regarding an eviction or locate help with Idaho rental assistance.