Massachusetts Rental Assistance


Those who live in Massachusetts who find that they have experienced financial difficulty may need help paying their rent. Numerous rental assistance programs can help with getting caught up, as well as ahead. They will also often help with paying back utility bills that are owed. The good news is that the grants from these programs never have to be paid back.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This federal agency is the largest source of Massachusetts rental assistance. The agency helps people with their housing needs around the country. Whether you need help with paying your rent, finding affordable housing, or paying for essential home repairs, HUD may be able to offer assistance. Their programs are available to those who meet the low-income requirements. While they provide public housing, they also offer a voucher program that will provide rental assistance. Additionally, they provide weatherization services, which will help reduce monthly utility bills, and they help with essential home repairs.


Emergency Housing Payment Assistance – This program offers emergency rental assistance for families or individuals who have had a financial disruption. To apply, you will need to supply the organization with your identification, proof of current housing, verification of housing crisis, and verification of your income. In addition to helping people get caught up on past due rent, the Emergency Housing Payment Assistance program will help people get paid a month in advance. Those receiving Massachusetts rental assistance through this program will have to meet the income guidelines. You can apply for this rental assistance program online.


Metro Housing Boston – If you live in the Boston area and you have experienced a financial hardship that has made it difficult to pay your rent, you may be able to get rental assistance through this program. Metro Housing Boston offers both Residential Assistance for Families in Transition and an Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The program will provide renters with up to $7,000 to help pay for the rent that is owed. If you have received an eviction notice, they may be able to help you avoid being evicted. You can apply for the program online. To qualify, you will have to meet the income guidelines and submit all of the necessary documentation.


Citizens’ Housing & Planning Association (CHAPA) – This organization is based in Boston but offers Massachusetts rental assistance for all residents in the state. They help people find the assistance they need to be able to avoid becoming homeless. If you have received an eviction notice, they can point you in the right direction to help prevent being evicted. To obtain the grant, you will have to meet the income and documentation requirements. This program is available for those who have experienced a difficult financial situation that has made them unable to keep up with paying rent.


Housing Consumer Education Centers – This organization provides information and resources for those who need Massachusetts rental assistance. The program is open to renters and landlords. The goal is to help educate the consumer on how they can avoid homelessness and provide them with the resources to get caught up. Qualifications include meeting the low-income requirements. This is one of many organizations that will give you access to free legal information as well. The resource can be helpful if you have received an eviction notice and need to know how to respond to it legally.


Catholic Charities – The programs offered through Catholic Charities will help ensure that your basic needs are being met. They offer food, clothing, shelter, emergency assistance, and more. They will also help people with rental assistance. The programs will help people get on their feet so they can start working toward a better future. The organization has locations around the country, so you will need to contact the one that is close to where you live to inquire about applying for rental assistance.


RCAP Solutions – Whether you are a renter, landlord, or small business owner, this organization has programs that can help. They offer subsidies to help with Massachusetts rental assistance. The rental assistance can be applied for by tenants, as well as by landlords who have tenants who are having difficulty paying the rent. Their voucher program will provide the landlord with the rental payment on behalf of the tenant. RCAP Solutions can also help you find affordable housing solutions, including public housing options. The programs are open to those who meet the low-income requirements are residents of Massachusetts.


The Salvation Army – This charity rings the bell every December, asking people to donate money into their red kettles. The funds are then used to help people through various charitable programs. The Salvation Army has locations around the country, offering its programs to millions each year. They provide people with food, addiction care, shelter, clothing, emergency care, and more. They do also offer a Massachusetts rental assistance program. Their program will help people who have received an eviction notice. Additionally, they will help people pay for utility bills. Contact the location close to where you live to inquire about how to start the application for rental assistance.