Michigan Rental Assistance



Michigan is a state that offers a variety of rental assistance programs to help those in need. The programs provide grants to help people get caught up and avoid evictions. To qualify for most Michigan rental assistance programs you have to meet the low income requirements or show you have had a disruption in your financial situation. The programs are designed to help reduce homelessness and help people get caught up with their rent.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This federal agency helps millions of people around the country with their housing needs. The purpose of HUD is to help ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing. They also help to prevent homelessness, by providing people with public housing options. They also offer Michigan rental assistance for those who need help with past due rent or to avoid an eviction. To qualify, you have to meet the low income requirements. HUD also offers programs that will help homebuyers avoid foreclosure, weatherization services to help reduce monthly utility bills, and they will help pay for essential home repairs. HUD helps more people with housing needs across the country than any other entity.


Detroit Regional Chamber – This organization helps people with emergency rental assistance. The help is for those who live in the Detroit area. If you have received an eviction notice they may be able to help you with rental assistance. The program pays for up to 90% of what is past due on the rent. The landlord is made to forgive the other 10% that is owed on your account. They have a system that gets the rental assistance to the landlords quickly. The program will also help you pay a month ahead. To qualify, you will have to show you have had a disruption in your financial situation that has caused you to fall behind on your rental payments.


Community Housing Network – This program provides emergency Michigan rental assistance for those who have fallen behind due to COVID or for other financial disruptions. The program will also help with paying past due utility bills. You can apply for the emergency rental assistance online. You will have to show documentation, including your identification, income statements, past due rent and utility notices, and a copy of tenant statements. Those who are approved can receive up to 10-12 months worth of rental assistance, depending on what your income level is. They are also providing a $300 grant to help cover the costs of internet for the home.


Wayne County Emergency Rental Assistance Program – Residents who live in Wayne County can turn to this program for Michigan rental assistance. The program will provide help paying for past due rent, as well as for utility bills, including water, electricity, home heating, and internet access. You can apply for this rental assistance program online. Both renters and landlords can apply for help through this program. Renters who are approved for grants will have them paid directly to the landlord and your account will be credited. To qualify, you have to meet the income guidelines for the size family you have. The maximum amount of rental assistance you can receive is 15 months of past due, and three months of paying ahead.


CERA Administration – This program provides Michigan rental assistance, as well as help with paying for such things as past due utilities. The program will help you avoid being evicted if you have fallen behind on your rent payments. Once you apply with them, they will tell the judge handling the eviction that you have applied for help and they will ask that you get a 45-day hold on the eviction. This will provide you with enough time to get the rental assistance so that your past due rent can be paid in full, and you can avoid the eviction. You can apply online or by phone.


Catholic Charities – This organization is faith-based, but provides assistance programs to everyone in the community. They have locations around the country, providing a variety of programs to help those in need. The programs they offer will help people with obtaining food, shelter, emergency care, and more. They also provide Michigan rental assistance to help keep people from becoming homeless. Although the organization is affiliated with the Catholic Church, you do not have to be religious to receive assistance. Contact the location that is close to where you live to inquire about starting the application for rental assistance.


The Salvation Army – Like Catholic Charities, The Salvation Army has locations around the country. They are an organization that raises funds each December, by having people ring bells and ask for donations for their red kettles. The funds are used to help keep their charity programs going. They provide people with boxes of food, hot meals, clothing, transportation vouchers, addiction services, and more. They will also provide people with rental assistance. The rental assistance program will help ensure you don’t become homeless. If you have received an eviction notice, contact the location of The Salvation Army that is closest to you to inquire about start the application process for Michigan rental assistance.