Missouri Rental Assistance



Those who need help paying their rent in Missouri will find that there are programs in place to provide assistance. There are numerous Missouri rental assistance programs that will help people avoid evictions, pay past due amounts, and get paid ahead. Some will also help pay past due utility bills. The programs are available to those who meet the income guidelines and can provide the necessary documentation. Apply with each program directly to inquire about assistance.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – A federal agency, the mission of HUD is to help everyone find affordable housing and help people avoid becoming homeless. They have several programs in place to help meet people’s housing needs. Their programs include a public housing option, which provides people with a government-owned place to live, and a voucher program. Those who need rental assistance can benefit from the voucher program, which allows you to live where you want and they help pay your rent. HUD will also help with essential home repairs, weatherization services, and they will help homebuyers avoid foreclosures. To qualify, you have to meet the low income requirements.


Missouri COVID Rental Assistance – This rental assistance program is for those who had financial disruption during the pandemic. During that time, many people fell behind on their rental payments. This program will help people get caught up on the past due rent that is owed. They will also help with getting caught up on utility bills that are owed due to the pandemic. To qualify, you will have to show you had a financial disruption that led you to falling behind on rent, and you will need to submit the necessary documentation. The items you will need include your identification, past due statements, and a copy of your lease.


Housing Assistance Council – This organization provides housing assistance for those in the state of Missouri. If you need help paying your rent or avoiding an eviction they may able to help. They largely focus on helping people who live in rural areas around the country. They can also provide information on additional resources where you can get local housing assistance, and where you can get help with paying utility bills.


Grandview Assistance Program – This organization offers emergency rental assistance for those who live in Missouri. You are facing an eviction they may be able to help you avoid it. Their program will help get the rent caught up, as well as help with the past due utility bills. They focus on providing emergency rental assistance, rather than ongoing support. In addition to providing Missouri rental assistance, the Grandview Assistance Program also offers a food pantry, utility assistance, prescriptions, winter coats, and more. You will have to show documentation in order to be approved for rental assistance, including proof of income, picture identification, social security card, and current lease or utility bill.


Spire – This organization provides Missouri rental assistance for those who are struggling to pay their bills. The program provides assistance for past due rent and utility bills. It will pay for past due rent starting during the pandemic and up to three months of future rent. The assistance is paid directly to the landlord and utility company on the tenant’s behalf. You can apply for the rental assistance online. To apply, you must live in a residential property in the state of Missouri.


The Salvation Army – This organization offers a Missouri rental assistance program to help people who need assistance with paying their rent. The program will help you avoid an eviction and get caught up. They also help with utility bills, food, shelter, transportation vouchers, crisis situations, and more. They do not typically have strict requirements regarding who can receive the assistance. They help everyone in the community who need help. They have locations across the country. Contact the one that is near you to inquire about starting the application process to receive rental assistance. They can help with in a variety of ways.


St. Louis Government – The government offices of St. Louis, Missouri offer rental assistance to those in need. They provide several different types of assistance programs to help, including one that offers a $500 direct cash assistance grant, emergency rental assistance, and more. To qualify for the $500 cash assistance grant, you have to meet the income guidelines for the size of family you have, and you have to be a resident of St. Louis. You will have to show your photo identification, income verification, and documentation regarding where you reside. They can also help point you in the direction to other location organizations that can provide grants and other helpful programs for those in need.


Catholic Charities – This faith-based organization provides a variety of helpful charity programs to help people in the community. One of the programs they offer is Missouri rental assistance. The program will help people who have received an eviction notice. They will also help with utility payments, obtaining food, and help in emergency situations. They have locations around the country, so be sure to contact the one that is closest to you to inquire about rental assistance.