Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program



West Virginia is one of the poorest states in the country. Due to this, many people struggle with financial challenges. One of the most difficult for people to pay is rent since it is usually the most expensive bill one has. The good news is that for those in West Virginia, there is help to pay the rent. The Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program will help renters who qualify to get ahead.


Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program Explained

The program was put into place following the pandemic. It was started to help people pay for the rent when they fell behind due to the COVID-19. Many people lost their job, were laid off, or had income changes that led to challenges paying the rent.


The program will help those who were financially impacted by the pandemic. The Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program will help people get caught up on their rent, as well as get it paid ahead. Additionally, the program will help pay for internet expenses, relocation expenses, eviction court costs, and recovery housing program fees. The program will also pay for such bills as gas, electric, water, sewer, etc.


The program is offering a one-time $300 payment to help people with their communication bills. These include internet expenses, telework, telemedicine, etc. To qualify, the technology has to have been used for such things as distance learning, or to obtain government services. During the pandemic children around the country had to stay home from school and do online learning, which would justify the internet expenses. Likewise, many people had to work from home, which would also help you qualify for the grant.


Who Can Get Help

The rental assistance program is open to those who live in West Virginia and meet the low-income requirements. Those are the two main qualifications that are needed to get help through the program. The grants offered through this program are for those who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. If you had a loss of income in your family due to the Coronavirus and your family has a low income, you may qualify for rental assistance.


The program is open to those who are struggling to pay their rent in West Virginia. Your income level must be 80% of the median for the area. Many people experienced financial difficulties due to the pandemic, which has led to them falling behind on their rent, getting an eviction notice, or needing to move to a new place. Each of these situations includes financial challenges that the program will help you with if you need the qualifications.


How to Apply

To apply for help through the Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program, you can apply online or download an application. There are several things you will need to provide with your application, including:


  • A copy of your lease or rental agreement
  • Legal identification
  • Proof of residency (such as a bill with your name and address on it)
  • Proof of income (which can come from working, worker’s compensation, etc.)
  • Copies of your bills if you are seeking help paying for internet or utilities


If you are approved for help through the Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program the grants will be paid directly to the landlord on your behalf. The program will help bring your rent up to current and may pay it ahead.


There is no limit to how much rental assistance you can receive from this program. If you need the help and meet the qualifications for approval then you will be able to receive the amount of help that brings you current and helps you get ahead. This program has a mission of helping people who are experiencing hardship due to the pandemic.


If your income has been impacted due to the pandemic then you may be able to get help paying for your rent and other bills through the Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program. Those who are on unemployment or working and earning a low wage may qualify for grants to help pay for their rent.


This program is made possible by funding through the federal government.


Landlords Get Help, Too

Those who own rental properties can also get help through the Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program. The program will help landlords who have tenants that are struggling to pay their rent. Landlords can either provide information about the program to their tenants, so they can apply for the program directly, or they can contact the program to start the process of obtaining help.