Nevada Rental Assistance


Residents of the state of Nevada have numerous programs they can turn to help when there are financial problems that arise. The Nevada rental assistance programs that they can apply for will help get rent payments caught up, as well as possibly get the rent paid ahead of time. These programs provide grants that never have to be paid back. The grants are paid directly to the landlord on the tenant’s behalf. Apply directly with the programs below to inquire about rental assistance.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This federal agency helps more people each year with housing needs than any other source. They have several programs in place to help people with their housing needs. They will help people find affordable housing, provide them with government owned housing, or help pay for their rent wherever they may live in the state. The public housing and voucher program ensure that people are able to have an affordable place to live. They also provide weatherization services, which will reduce monthly utility bills, because it makes the home more energy efficient. To qualify for assistance, you have to meet the low income requirements.


City of Las Vegas – The city government in Las Vegas offers housing assistance for those who have had a financial disruption that took place during the pandemic. You will have to show that your income was impacted by the pandemic. If you qualify for the assistance they will pay for months of your past due rent, as well as pay three months ahead. Their program also helps pay for past due utility bills. This program may help you avoid being evicted if you have received an eviction notice. You can apply for the program online.


Clark County Social Services – The social services department will help people avoid being evicted, by providing them with Nevada rental assistance. To be approved for the rental assistance, you must be a resident of Clark County, and you will have to show that you have experienced a financial hardship. Additionally, you will need to provide a copy of our lease agreement and photo identification. You can apply for the rental assistance online. If it is approved, it will be paid directly to your landlord on your behalf. This program will also help pay past due utility bills for those who have fallen behind on paying their bills due to a financial hardship.


Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority – This organization helps people in Southern Nevada with their housing needs. They will help people find affordable housing, as well as rental assistance. They provide a voucher housing program that will allow you to obtain rental assistance grants no matter where you live in the area. To qualify, you have to meet the low income requirements and provide all the necessary documentation in order to be approved. Any grants that are approved will be paid directly to the landlord and your account on your behalf. This organization can help with a variety of housing related needs.


Catholic Charities – Affiliated with the Catholic Church, this organization provides programs to help many people across the country. They offer help with crisis situations, food, shelter, transportation vouchers, and more. They also provide Nevada rental assistance for those who may have received an eviction notice. You do not have to be associated with a church in order to receive assistance from this organization. They also usually do not have a strict process for qualifying for the help. They provide help to anyone in the community who needs it. They have locations around the country, so it is important to contact the one that is closest to where you live to begin the application process for Nevada rental assistance.


Neighborhood Housing Services – If you need an organization that will provide Nevada rental assistance and a variety of other helpful housing programs this is it. Neighborhood Housing Services started in 1992, and ever since has been helping people in Southern Nevada with their housing needs. Their programs provide rental assistance, down payment assistance, financial literacy, and more. They will help locate affordable housing and help any way they can to keep people from being evicted. Their services are open to those who live in Southern Nevada and earn a low-to-moderate income for the number of people in their family.


The Salvation Army – This organization has a Nevada rental assistance program that will help you avoid being evicted. They also provide additional community programs to help those in need. They offer free boxes of food, hot meals, addiction services, crisis assistance, and more. They offer locations around the country, so be sure to contact the one that is closest to you to inquire about applying for rental assistance. The Salvation Army raises money each year to fund these programs by having people ring the bell ever December, asking people to put money into their red kettles. They also have thrift stores around the country that help to raise funds, and also help provide people with access to clothing and household goods if they need some free items. Contact them directly to begin the application process.