Salvation Army Housing Assistance



Salvation Army is a faith-based organization with locations around the country. They run thrift stores and take donations, which help to support their programs. The Salvation Army housing assistance is one of the most important programs that the organization offers. Each year, they help many people avoid homelessness, stay the night in homeless shelters, and more.


In addition to the Salvation Army housing assistance program, they also help people with obtaining food, clothing, and other necessities. If you need help with clothing, they will often let you get free clothing from their thrift stores. They also provide free hot meals to help ensure that people can eat each day. Additionally, they have food pantries, where people can obtain free boxes of food to take home.


Salvation Army Housing Assistance Key Points


Those who need help with affordable housing, avoiding foreclosure, paying their rent, or finding a homeless shelter can turn to Salvation Army. Housing assistance is something they help many people with each year around the country. Here are some key points to keep in mind regarding the Salvation Army housing assistance program:


  • The housing assistance program helps people who are homeless, by providing them with shelters.
  • The program can help people avoid becoming homeless by helping them to stay in their homes.
  • They will also help people who have experienced disasters or emergencies that involve their homes. For example, they provide housing assistance to those who have been impacted by hurricanes, floods, fires, and more.
  • The program offers emergency homeless shelter options, as well as long-term assistance.
  • The programs are open to those who have a low income and need help with housing issues.


Types of Housing Assistance Programs


The Salvation Army housing assistance program offers a variety of options. There is something to help everyone in need. After all, housing is a basic need that everyone needs. Through donations from the public, they can provide help to many people with different types of housing assistance programs.


The types of Salvation Army housing assistance programs available include:


  • Homeless Shelters – There are shelters around the country that will take people in so they are not out in the cold. They can stay there for one night or as many as they need.
  • Transitional Housing – This program helps people who are in a transitional period in their life. This may include those who are leaving foster care, overcoming addiction issues, leaving a domestic abuse situation, and more. The program provides shelter and food while the person works on improving their situation.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing – This Salvation Army housing assistance program offers a range of options to help people in different types of situations. They offer help with affordable housing, supportive housing for the elderly, and homeless adults. The program also offers help for families who have fallen on hard times and need help getting back on their feet.
  • Re-Entry Resources – This program offers housing, along with food and a support system to help people who are re-entering society. This may be an ideal program for those who have left prison, addiction programs, etc.


Additional Information


One of the great things about the Salvation Army housing assistance programs is that you will never have to pay the money back. Any resources and money that are used to help you with your housing needs are considered a gift. You will get the help you need without having to worry about paying it back. The organization is great at helping people who need assistance, especially in crisis situations.


The Salvation Army is an organization that has a long history of helping people in America. You may be familiar with seeing them each year around Christmas. They have people who ring bells and they set up red kettles, where people make monetary donations. Through their yearly donation drive, they collect millions of dollars that are then used to help people with housing assistance, as well as with food assistance, and a wide variety of other helpful programs.


To get help through the Salvation Army housing assistance program it’s important to contact a location in your area. Find the one that is closest to you and inquire about starting the process for applying for housing assistance. They will be able to help you with your housing needs, as well as ensure your other basic needs are being met. They may also be able to help you locate other helpful social programs in your area that will help with paying bills, obtaining groceries, and more.