Texas Rental Assistance


Texas is a state that offers helpful programs for those who may be struggling financially. The programs in place will help with paying for housing, food, utility bills, and more. There are several Texas rental assistance programs that people can turn to if they need help paying for their rent and avoiding being evicted. Apply with each program directly to see which ones will provide assistance.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This federal agency has a mission of helping people avoid homelessness and be able to find affordable housing. They have a variety of programs in place that will help people with different aspects of housing issues. Their voucher program will allow people to choose where they live in the state and they will help pay the monthly rent. They also offer a public housing program, also called Section 8, which will provide people with a government-owned place to live. They also have a program in place to help homebuyers avoid foreclosure. Additional programs that provide help through HUD include one that offers weatherization services and help paying for needed home repairs. The weatherization services will reduce monthly utility bills, because it helps make your home more energy efficient. To qualify for HUD programs, including Texas rental assistance, you have to meet the low income requirements.


Texas Rent Relief – This program uses federal funds to provide Texas rental assistance for those in need. The program will help pay for past due rent up to 12 months, as well as pay for two months of rent in advance. They will also provide assistance with paying past due utility bills. The Texas Rent Relief program is open to both tenants and landlords. The landlords can apply if they have renters who are struggling to pay their rent. All rental assistance payments are paid directly to the landlord and utility provider and your account will be credited. To qualify, you have to meet the median income requirements and provide them with all of the necessary documentation regarding your identification, where you live, and your income. You can apply for Texas rental assistance online.


The Salvation Army – This organization has locations around the country. They hold a yearly fundraising event that most people are familiar with. The event is held each December, when bell ringers ask people to donate money into red kettles. The funds collected are used for their community service programs, including their Texas rental assistance program. The Salvation Army will help provide emergency rental assistance for those who are in need. If you have received an eviction notice they may be able to help you avoid being evicted. Additional programs they offer include giving people free food, shelter, crisis care, and more. Find the location that is close to where you live and contact them to begin the Texas rental assistance application process.


Emergency Rental Assistance Program – This program provides help for those who can’t pay their rent. If you are approved you will be able to get up to 12 months of past due rent paid, as well as two months of future rent paid. The program will also help pay for your past due utility bills. If you have received an eviction notice they can help you with the legal aspects of it, as well has help you be able to avoid being evicted. You can apply for the program online. You will need to provide them with such information as your most recent tax return, photo identification, and lease agreement.


Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid – If you have received an eviction notice you may want to reach out to this program. They will provide you with free legal assistance, as well as help you get rental assistance so you can avoid being evicted. You have to meet the income requirements, which are not earning more than 80% of the area median household income. Their program is for those who are at risk for homelessness. If you are approved for the help, you can receive up to 15 months of past due rental assistance. You will have to submit all necessary documentation in order to be approved for this Texas rental assistance program. You can apply online for Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, or contact them for more information about applying in person.


Catholic Charities – As an organization that helps many people around the country, you should find that they have locations close to where you live. They have numerous programs to help people in need, including a Texas rental assistance program. The organization will help people with paying their rent in emergency situations, as well as help with paying necessary bills, and providing you with food and other essentials. Catholic Charities is affiliated with the Catholic Church. You do not have to be religious or part of the church in order to receive help through their programs. The programs are open to everyone in the community who needs help. This organization is especially helpful when it comes to people experiencing crisis situations. They will provide assistance in a variety of ways to help people in such situations.