Utah Rental Assistance


Those who live in the state of Utah who need financial assistance will find that there are programs they can turn to for help. There are several programs that offer Utah rental assistance, which can help people get caught up on their rental payments, as well as help them avoid being evicted. Apply with each program directly to seek approval for rental assistance.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This agency is funded by the federal government and has a mission of helping people to avoid homelessness and be able to find affordable housing. They have several programs in place to help people with their housing issues. Their public housing program will provide you with a place to live that is owned by the government. The voucher program will allow you to choose where to live, as long as it meets their safety standards, and they will help you pay the rent. Additional programs they offer include providing weatherization services, which will reduce monthly utility bills, and helping to pay for essential home repairs. To qualify for Utah rental assistance through HUD, you will have to show that you meet the low income guidelines.


Utah Rent Relief – This program is run by the Utah government and is using funds provided by the federal government. The program provides rental assistance for those who need help paying their rent or avoiding an eviction. To qualify for the rental assistance, you will have to meet the income guidelines, which is having a combined household income of at or below 80% of the area’s median income. Additionally, you will need to show that you experienced a disruption in your income that led to you falling behind in your rental payments. The person applying for the rental assistance has to be the one who is living at the residence. Those who are approved may receive help with past due rent, current rent, and three months of rent paid ahead. The program will also help pay for utility bills, rental security deposits, internet fees, and home energy costs. You can apply for this program online.


Utah Housing Coalition – This organization helps people with their housing needs, including with rental assistance and finding affordable housing options. They offer a Utah emergency renal assistance program that will help people who have received an eviction notice. The program will help you avoid being evicted and will get your rent payments brought current. To apply, you will need to supply your lease agreement, documentation showing how much past due rent you owe, income information, a past-due utility bill, and the eviction notice if you have received one. If you are approved for the rental assistance it will be given directly to the landlord on your behalf. You can apply for this program online.


Utah Community Action – Offering a variety of ways to help those in need, the Utah Community Action group will help people with emergency rental assistance. Their program will help if you have received an eviction notice. Additional programs they offer to help people in need include case management, utility bill assistance, food services, and weatherization services. Having the home weatherized will help reduce monthly utility bills, because it makes the home more energy efficient. In addition to helping people with Utah rental assistance, they will help people with rental deposits. You will need to show your lease agreement and salary information when applying. You can apply for this program online.


Community Action Partnership – This community organization will help you find rental assistance that will help you get caught up and avoid being evicted. In addition to providing Utah rental assistance, they offer access to free food pantries, public health clinics, free legal aid, and more. To be approved for the program you will have to meet the income guideline. Any rental assistance that they provide will be given directly to the landlord on your behalf.


The Salvation Army – This organization helps people around the country with a variety of issues. They offer people free food, shelter, and crisis care assistance. The Salvation Army also offers a Utah rental assistance program that will help people avoid being evicted from their home. They have locations nationwide, so be sure to contact the one that is close to where you live to inquire about starting the application process for rental assistance.


Open Doors – This organization offers Utah rental assistance for those who need help paying their monthly rent. The program helps people who have fallen behind or may be facing an eviction. The emergency rental assistance program also helps pay for past due utility bills. To qualify for this program, you have to have a combined household income at or below 80% of the area median income. The person applying also needs to live at the address where they are seeking help paying the rent. You can apply for the rental assistance program online. If you are approved for help, the payments will be given directly to your landlord and your account will be credited. Open Doors also offers free food, tax assistance, crisis care assistance, and more. Their programs are available to everyone in the community.