Wisconsin Rental Assistance


Anyone who lives in the state of Wisconsin who needs help paying for their rent may be able to get assistance. There are several Wisconsin rental assistance programs that will help those in need to get caught up on their rent, and some will even help get payments made ahead of time. The programs may also be able to help people avoid being evicted. Be sure to apply with the programs directly to begin the process for receiving help.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – This agency is federally funded and has a mission of helping people around the country with their housing needs. They provide help in a variety of ways, offering assistance to homeowners as well as renters. Homeowners can receive help with avoiding foreclosure. Renters can get help through their voucher program or public housing program. The public housing program, also called Section 8, provides people who qualify with a government-owned housing unit to live in. The voucher program will allow you to live where you want and they will help you pay the rent. The place you choose to live just needs to meet their safety standards. HUD also offers weatherization services, which will reduce monthly utility bills, and help paying for essential home repairs. HUD can help people locate affordable housing, as well as offering Wisconsin rental assistance.


State of Wisconsin – The state government offers people in need help with paying their rent. Their rental assistance program will help those in need to avoid being evicted, and will help them pay past due rent. To qualify, you have to have a household income of at or below 80% of the county median income. You will also need to provide all of the necessary documentation when applying, which includes information on your identity, place of residence, and income. Those who are approved for the program can receive up to 12 months of past due rental assistance payments. Additionally, those who are approved can also receive up to 12 months of having their utility bills paid for. If you have received an eviction notice this program may be able to help you avoid being evicted. You can apply for this Wisconsin rental assistance online.


WISCAP – This is a network of 16 Community Action Network locations in the state of Wisconsin. They provide help with a variety of needs for those who are struggling financially. They will help pay rent and utilities, as well as help people locate affordable housing options. If you have received an eviction notice or have fallen behind on your rent, you may be able to get help through WISCAP. The network’s purpose is to help fight poverty around the state. Those who qualify may be able to get up to 12 months of past due rent paid, as well as assistance paying up to 12 months of utility bills. You will need to meet the income guidelines for the area of the state that you live in, and you will need to provide all the necessary documentation when applying. The grants from this program do not ever have to be paid back. If you do receive Wisconsin rental assistance through this program it will be paid directly to the landlord on your behalf.


Catholic Charities – This organization is faith-based, but will provide assistance to anyone in need. They have locations around the country, so be sure to apply with the one that is near you. They offer people help with obtaining food, shelter, crisis care, and more. They will also help people with emergency payments of their utility bills to avoid disconnection, and they will help people avoid being evicted, by providing rental assistance. Although the organization is affiliated with the Catholic Church, you do not have to be religious to apply for or receive rental assistance from this organization. Their mission is to help anyone in the community who is need of assistance.


Community Advocates – This program offers assistance with paying past due rent and helping people avoid being evicted. Their programs are largely for those who live in the counties of Milwaukee and Waukesha. If you have lost income in the past 60 days and need help with paying your rent, you may be able to get assistance through this program. If you are approved for rental assistance through this organization you will not have to ever pay it back. The grants are considered to be gifts. You can apply for the rental assistance online.


The Salvation Army – With locations around the country, this organization will help people with meeting a variety of their basic needs. The organization offers help with obtaining food, shelter, addiction services, clothing, transportation vouchers, and more. They also have a Wisconsin rental assistance program that will help people with avoiding being evicted. This group raises funds each year in December by having people ring a bell and ask for donations to be put into a red kettle. They use those funds, along with others, to help people in need. Be sure to contact the location that is close to where you live to inquire about how to start the application process for Wisconsin rental assistance.